Unverified Myths Of Incredible India

Without any logic and truthful facts on ground we should not believe in any past which absolutely looks like a Myth. In regard to such kinds of mythical facts , we should go for it’s logic with facts before believing it as a true story or a truthful history. Mere any patriotic or emotional style of description do not certify any Myth as a truth for ever.

Is Hockey termed as the National Sport of India?

Many of our Textbooks often trend us to believe that Hockey is India’s National Sport.

Some others also believe the ‘Kabaddi’ as our National Sport.Interestingly it is neither ‘Hockey’ nor’ Kabaddi’as in fact officially India has not at all any sport as the National Sport.

Did Mahatma dance with a British Lady?

A photo has been circulated since independence of India alleging Mahatma Gandhi was dancing with a British lady.

Without checking facts and it’s truthfulness, many critiques also support this unimaginable including people who don’t like father of our Nation. In fact in photo this look alike Mahtma was an Australian actor who had dressed up like Mahtma Gandhi which was clicked during a party.

Is Varanasi, the oldest city around the World?

No, Never. There are as many as more than 30 cities across the Globe as per world Historians which even colonized before Varanasi. When Varanasi was colonized around 1100 yr. BC, as per global historical research and development more than 30 other cities also were colonized much before 1100 years BC.

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)


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