The Monster – Then and Now

I know you are there, I can feel you. You`re that ache that is just below the surface, crawling under my skin. Hiding? No. Waiting for that moment to be released. Waiting for that one that will make you feel needed, that one that will do me wrong, unleashing you with all that fury, never seeing it coming, until …… the …….. My…… monster.

My monster has evolved, no longer a killer in public, no longer a killer at home, thinking all the time, I feel it, its getting close. The monster wants to stop their madness, all the insanity spewing from their mouths. Take their power. The monster wants to take their power, the monster Will take that power.

My monster. Now its the hunter not the prey, it won`t allow her to be hurt. No. More. It won`t allow hurt. No. More.


Hey! You! I let the monster out. Yeah you! what the fuck do you think you are doing? You cannot win, so why are you even here? I play better than you, do not think you will win. I never lose. Never.

Wait monster!

……. its not time, I pull it back and walk away, but I hear it singing “Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor….Nothing wrong with me…….. Something got to give!

No its not time. No more public stuff, I said, and I mean it. Control. Stay in control, not yet monster but soon you can play.


Oh you think you got to me, to my monster.

Plant that shadow of doubt, you think?

Those facial expressions. Brilliant. My monster sucked you right in. I play the game better but the monster is way better at it, never loses. Never!


Resting because I won`t let the monster take over, its quiet.

All the love making the monster disappear. No, its there but love…. there is something about love that it can`t handle.

Will love kill my monster forever? Will love make my monster worst?

Only time will tell, me and my monster.


“Hey you!”

“Who me?” I replied

“Yes you”…..

“Okay…….who are you?” I asked while checking him out as he hid behind those glasses.

“I`m love and I will kill your monster.” He replied.

I said, “I`m not sure that is possible but I will give this a try, see how the monster will accept you, or deny you.” I reached out and took his hand…..

NOTE :  This story as well as all before and after, April 11, 2020 are 100%pure fiction.

By Andria Perry

Photo by Pixabay


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Written by Andria Perry

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