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The Funniest and Hilarious Laws #2

This is the second and last part of hilarious laws. 

  1. This one is funny: Smile at all times unless you want to risk a hefty fine in Milan, Italy. It is a good law because of the benefits of smiling. It is only in funerals and hospitals a citizen is exempted from smiling.
  2. Who in his right mind would try to have sex with a porcupine? Nevertheless, you should know if you did have sex with one, it is an offence in Florida, USA.
  3. A woman in England is entitled to bite off a man’s nose if the man kissed her against her will. The law was passed in 1837
  4. Don’t try to imitate an animal. It is illegal in Miami, Florida, USA
  5. A criminal is required by the law to provide a written or oral notice to his/her victim giving details of the crime he/she is about to commit at least 24 hours before starting the crime. Don’t ask. It is in Texas, USA
  6. Never mind when a dog makes faces at you. Don’t try the same act of making faces at a dog. You might end up serving a prison sentence in Oklahoma, USA.
  7. I wonder which reason went behind the passing of this law in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. If a woman is in a night dress, she cannot be rescued by a firearm. So, will she be left to die whether the house or building is razed in fire or is collapsing?
  8. Kissing a woman while she is asleep in Logan County, Colorado, USA is illegal.
  9. Name a pig Napoleon in France and you are sure to find yourself in the wrong side of the law.
  10. I am puzzled what kind of punishment a dead body will receive because it is illegal to die in the House of Parliament, UK.
  11. I doubt who will try this in a police station but in Florida, USA it is an offence to skateboard in a police station.
  12. If you happen to be in Ohio, USA you should be aware it is illegal to get a fish drunk. I wonder if any person has ever tried that before.


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