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The Batle on the River Neretva.

Robin Biznis November 20.2019 Belgrade, Sebia

Prologue.I write about the movie again. I know that other niches would bring me more readership of the article, but I have a reason why I’m writing about this movie.Movie Battle of the NeretvaToday marks the 50th anniversary of the premiere of “Battle of the Neretva”A documentary exhibition will open in Belgrade.As you cannot attend the exhibition, I will tell you the story of the movie.

Watch the trailer:

Has a translation into English,

The Battle of the Neretva was filmed in 1969.The Neretva is a river in Bosnia and Herzegovina.During World War 2, the Germans made 7 major enemy offensives against the partisans in Yugoslavia.The Battle of the Neretva speaks of a 4 enemy offensive called the German Weiss operation.In English “case white.”The Germans intended to liquidate the main partisan forces and their headquarters.At that moment, when they were surrounded by Germans and Italians and Chetniks, the partisans had with them a central hospital and a large number of wounded.That’s why the term “Battle for the Wounded” is often usedThe main plot is to demolish the bridge over the Neretva River to deceive the enemy so that the partisans will not cross the river.However, an auxiliary pontoon bridge was constructed to successfully transport the wounded.That’s the cut of the movie.Movie facts:1. Budget approved by Joseph Broz Tito.2. The poster for the movie was made by Pablo Picasso, free.3. The most expensive and watched a movie in the existence of Yugoslavia.4. Actors Jul Briner and Orson Wales played in the same movie for the first time.5. When the bridge was demolished, real explosive devices were used.6. The movie is Oscar-nominated.7. The film featured stats of Yugoslav soldiers. The film stars: Sergei Bondarchuk, Jul Briner, Anthony Dawson, Milena Dravic, Boris Dvornik, Ljubisa Samardzic, Velimir Bata Zivinovic, and Orson Wales and many more.Directed by: Veljko BulajicSource photo: https: // most expensive–the most watched-film-of-their-spaces/This was my attempt to show a movie. Our history in those days was so complicated that you have to study it for months to understand the essence of a people’s struggle.For there they fought not only against the Germans, the Italians, and the Bulgarians, but also the next fought against each other.Serbs, Croatians, and Partizans.You could never be who on which side.As history is written by the victors after the war, the partisans and Tito took power.If you want history, if it can find a movie, let’s watch it.Great actors team play.Unfortunately, the vast majority are no longer with us.source photo:


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        • As for bone restoration, it is enormous.
          Rebuilding Warsaw, Berlin, Hiroshima really costs.
          But nothing can make up for a lost life.
          Don’t mind me writing the following.
          During the crazy bombing of Belgrade in 1999, three-year-old Milica Rakic ​​was fatally shot in her bathroom while sitting on her nose.
          It is genetically implanted in our memory.
          And regardless of all foreign policy, joint exercises with the NATO Pact, we remember that event.
          And he gives us some resistance to the foreign forces that have bombed ours.
          An innocent child was killed.
          And the hypocrites say: Collateral damage ”
          Sorry I had to write this, I didn’t know that kid but I’m still having a hard time.

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