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Spotlighting Our Members ~ Gary J Sibio

I am continuing the “Spotlighting Our Members” post series.  This particular member I remember from back from when I first started here at Virily.  I seem to remember him from other online social communities as well.  He was always fun to interact with.  He has over 500 posts.  These are the ones I find very interesting.  

Would you have ever thought that you should rethink what you have always been taught about Christopher Columbus and the people in his time believing that the world was flat?  It’s a “historical falsehood”?  What???!!!

Do you know what trepanning is?  I didn’t.  But now I do!  Oh my!!  This medical procedure sounds more sensible when you use words like craniotomy or craniectomy.

I have never been to Chicago.  But there is one thing that I know Chicago does not lack.  Cultural diversity.  People always say New York City is a “melting pot” of various cultures.  Chicago and New York are the same when it comes to a mix of people from everywhere.  People with differences don’t always get along.  But I can understand setting aside those differences for ice cream.  LOL.

Did People of Columbus’ Time Believe the Earth Was Flat?

I Need a Trepanning Like I Need a Hole in the Head

Dairy Star: Where Christians, Muslims and Jews gather for ice cream



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