Sheppard Feri II

2008: HOPE Barack Obama in November 2008 Feri has created a propaganda poster campaign for senator from Illinois who had begun to attract increasing public support in the presidential campaign for the 44th President of the United States. The aforementioned senator, of course, Barack Obama will win the election and serve as president for the next eight years, a poster Ferrie on to become one the most recognizable and most effective political illustration since Uncle Sam in 1917 and illustrations Che Guevara Jim Fitzpatrick 1968 . At first, the poster was created without any affiliation with the Obama campaign as a product Feri personal frustration presidential term of George W. Bush and distributed via the Internet. Ferrie poster automatically becomes the most memorable visual identifier and effective ideological symbol of the entire campaign, which will soon begin officially cooperate with him and ordered two alternative versions of the posters. Also, Time magazine 2008. Feri engaged to make a new poster in the same manner for the cover editions of the person. However, the 2015 Feri says that Obama’s mandate is not nearly fulfilled his expectations. Obama was indeed quite difficult during his tenure, but agreed to some compromises that I would never have expected … I met him a couple of times and I think he had good intentions; his actions were largely dictated by the things he could not control, but I do not think it justifies the lack of courage. However, I think that the whole system needs renovation … and less passive and uninformed public. The project is so large profile could not pass without some controversy, Feri is charged with illegal use of the Obama photo that made me Garcia with The Associated Press. A potential lawsuit, suits of counter ended by Feri gets sentenced to probation, community-service work and pay a fine. This is not the last time that Feri has problems with the law: Boston was arrested in 2009 and Los Angeles 2015, both times due to destruction of public property. Ferrie’s 2015 arrest for murals that made Detroit (pictured) re-launches a debate as old as the street creations: whether it comes to art or vandalism? Since it is a work that they ordered the owners of the complex, where it had appeared, the initial consensus is that it comes to art. However, local authorities opting for a large public prosecution in an attempt to take advantage of the popularity enjoyed by Feri to draw attention to new,


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