Playing him like a Piano – part 3

Katherine Townsend’s mother, Lucy-Ann, had been born in Jamaica. She had gotten up to America, been able to marry, get citizenship, get a job and her life on track.

Lucy-Ann had been a good example for Kat who could be American when it suited, or pure Yard when it didn’t.

Able to move between the cultures, and see life from other  perspectives, Kat had chosen Jeremiah Roberts as her target. He was of Jamaican heritage, lived in his grandmother’s house, had a good job, but most importantly, she could never love him, or even feel a strong attraction.

She could get into his life, get what she could, and get out without regret.

What  Kat needed was seven years of coasting, seven years of stability and Jeremiah was the prime candidate.

As she moved towards the house, Kat’s mind skipped back to the initiation of her ‘Plan’.


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Written by jaylar

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