Playing Him Like a Piano – part 13

It was morning, and knowing Jeremiah was not due at work for an hour, seeing his car, Kat knocked on the door and waited.

When he opened she seemed a bit surprised…

“Oh,  I didn’t know you lived here…”

“Yeah….” he almost yawned.

“I  was told you had a room for rent and…”

“Not really, I mean…I don’t know… “

She stood looking up into his face.   She kept her expression blank,  stupid.  She appeared to be the kind of person who would not get  anything right the first time, and would have to be told twice.

She was wearing a pants suit and low heels, her hair well fluffed, and a bit of make-up, not much.

But Kat was extremely pretty, and knew how to attract a man.

She stood  unmoving while he back and forthed, trying to figure out if he  did or did not have a room to rent and if he did, should he rent it  to her.

After he stammered for about two minutes, she sweetly asked, “Well, could I  just see it, just in case?”

“Okay…” he said, leading her into the house to a large room on the south side.  A master bedroom, with its own bath.


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Written by jaylar

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