Being Played – 2

In Being Played  I described a situation where a grandson tried to play his grandmother.  In this episode I’m going to deal with a gal who assisted men in spending their money.

Goldie was not a ‘commercial’ commodity. She selected her ‘boyfriends’.  She chose them on the basis of money in their pocket.

She wasn’t going for the smelly old man or the serious business type. She focused on the younger man who had an enormous ego. You know the type; the guy who thinks he’s so gorgeous and brilliant that he can have any woman he wants.

Goldie got pleasure out of ripping these guys off.

She’d dance into their lives, let them ‘seduce’ her, and start spending their money.

Those who know the ‘signs’ could view the images posted on Facebook and appreciate that this was a pay for play gal whom they could for the paper in their pockets, obtain.

One of her most useful ‘marks’ was a guy called Eli who’d been betrayed and dumped by his wife. As is not uncommon, Eli was using women to fire his ego. By having women prettier than his wife and broadcasting it all over the ‘Net he felt better about himself.

Goldie looked at him and thought; (lunch is now served).

She burst into his life, acting so awed by him, telling him how handsome, brilliant, wise, sexy….blah blah he was. This of course fed his hungry ego.

Eli was so enamoured of Goldie that he couldn’t show her off enough. It was as if he was shouting at his ex-wife….”Look at the beauty I replaced you with!”

Goldie, who’d been through it before,  would pose with Eli for their selfies and Facebook presentations, always pushing her buttocks out so  any man who saw the image would know she was pay for play. Would know that she was not serious about foolish Eli, she was riding him like a pony. Would know that if she got a ‘better offer’ she’d leave him like a shot.


Eli went through his savings pretty quickly, and Goldie took what she could. When she saw that he was pretty much living salary to salary she dumped him, moving on to another guy.

Eli went scrunting around trying to regain some sense of power/dignity/economic balance.

When people he’d known expressed that they had  fore knowledge of what Goldie was he jumped up and asked why they never told him.

All had tried, in the nicest possible way, but at the time, Eli was so into Goldie he would have fed his mother to the sharks.