Playing Him Like a Piano – part 2

Jeremiah Roberts as thousands like him, had his  basic cultural input from his grandmother. Jeremiah Roberts, who didn’t know Rae Town from  August Town had all the ‘values’ (or lack thereof) from people who had been born into poverty in Jamaica. People who went up to America for work and stayed.

Jeremiah grew up in a house where time had stopped in the Jamaica of the 1950s which was situated in an American ghetto. That attribute, so similar to her own, is why Jeremiah Roberts was at the  top of Kathrine Townsend’s list of  possible marks.

The second reason was money and property. He was an assistant manager of a well known fast food joint and lived in the house his grandmother owned (and would leave to him) in a more fashionable part of town.

For Kat, these two reasons were  trimming. It was the Third reason which made him so ‘attractive’;   that is, she could never love him, never be attracted to him.

He was eminently disposable.


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