Painters intimate moments

To the question “Where artists find inspiration and themes for their works” today we can give you a thousand and one answer, and maybe more. Once the situation was different. Until the advent of modern art painters chose the so-called “big” topics. Worthy of artistic representation were historical and mythological stories, portraits of rulers, nobles and prominent representatives of the bourgeoisie. With a different vision of art and adopt new attitudes, and new inspiration. The life of ordinary people and all that it begins to cause interest among art circles. No current in modern art was not so committed to the transfer of personal experience life as it was the case with the intimation. Intimism in Serbian art developed forties 20. century, along with the need for artists to express themselves through the use of pure color and the direction which is therefore called colourism. Although they differ in style and expression of feelings which reflect the work, intimacy and colourism share an important similarity – inspired by the Parisian artistic movement seeking to return to nature. Serbian painters were inspired by the works of Pierre Bonnard and Edouard Vuillard, French artists who were certainly fascinated by the life of ordinary people, which took place around them, a color representing a means of expressing their vision of the world. The texture of materials and patterns from nature and interior recently painted brush strokes dipped in pure, bright color. They created from memory, reviving the spirit of the moment in his mind.Private moments Clips interior filled with figures or without them who are full of a sense of peace, tranquility,


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