The Nati of Himachal Pradesh

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Nati is a traditional folk dance form from the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh in India. Nati is mainly performed during festivities and celebrations. Nati dance reflects the rich cultural heritage and the scenic natural beauty of the serene Himachal Pradesh.

The dance involves rhythmic slow moves in a sequence which is maintained throughout the dance. The dancers hold hands and move in a clockwise direction in large circle swaying to the music. Nati folk dance has thirteen different types of dancing styles of which Kinnauri Nati is the most famous.

Initially only the male dancers used to perform nati while dressed in kurtas & churidaars and wearing the famous Himachali Kullu caps. But nowadays Nati is performed by both men and women together. Special drums, cymbals and trumpets specifically made for Nati are used to play the music. Music is played throughout the dance manually and songs are sung along. Nati dance consists of just 5-6 graceful steps which are performed repeatedly in circular movements. This mesmerizing and soothing swinging dance from the hills represents the cultural essence of the state and adds color to the festivities. The dance is a pure visual delight and the melodious music adds to its charm.


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