Mister Rodger's Neighborhood

Who remembers watching his television show on PBS when they were very young children?  Here is a word play poem on his show.

M is for master

I is for intelligence,

S is for sensitivity to others

T is for teacher,

E is for education

R is for respect others

R is for reading,

O is for observing and observations,

D is for directness of topics,

G is for grants to….

E is for entertainment

R is for reasons to,

S is for singing songs

N is for nurture,

E is for excitement in learning to learn

I is for intuition,

G is for greater good of ….

H is for heighten awareness of you and others

B is for books

O is for optimistic personality

R is for rightness of ideas shared

H is for health (mental and physical)

O is for opportunities of learning

O is for occupations shown

D is for driven by…. diversity.


What do you think?


Written by 1Mark

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    • I watched both of the when I was young, and I watched them again when I was babysitting my young niece and nephew. I liked Snuffalagous (not sure on spelling) on Sesame Street as well as Cookie Monster. I am working on a word play for Sesame Street. Do you remember the Electric Company. It was the one that was more on teaching reading skills working on that one too.

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