Making People Think You Are Psychic – 4

When a person is dyslexic and knows it, he or she will pick up information that so-called brilliant people miss. As a dysnumerate I never make a mistake when it comes to numbers.

This is because knowing the handicap, one must focus more. Have to really look, really listen, and block out everything else.

Cathy was supposed to wear glasses. She really couldn’t see very well. But she never wore her glasses. Everyone and everything  was ablur. Cathy could look in a crowded room, focus on the red shirt and tell you if the person wearing it was good looking, lying, trying to impress, embarrassed, ashamed, because she was reading ‘body language’. Cathy listened to the tone of voices, picked up far more than was said, read the whole person. She would get a ‘vibe’ that those who had far better eyesight did not. Everyone thought Cathy could ‘read aura’ or was psychic when she really was myopic and compensated by seeing more in a blur than others saw in sharpness.


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Written by jaylar

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