What Makes Stupid People Stupid – Two

Stupid people form opinions based on nothing. They like/dislike people and ideas for no logical reason. This attitude effects all their relationships; whether one on one, whether in a group, or whether nationally.  If stupid people don’t like you, they will be against everything you say, even when what you are saying will benefit them.

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Once you know that this person or that person has that kind of ‘bias’ you can play them like a piano.

Geraldine had a great plan but was worried that the committee would turn it down. She confided in me.  I smiled and say;  “Gerry, the majority of people on the committee dislike me intensely.  I’ll vote your proposal down, and they’ll support it.”

She didn’t believe me.

Until it happened.

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She gave her presentation and when it came time to speak, this one said that, the other one said this, and I said,  “I don’t think it’s a good idea”  with my face twisted, and my mouth moving as if I’d puke.

This meant that those who disliked me instantly agreed with her proposal. It passed by a majority.

Subsequently, after it was in place and functioning, one of my ‘dislikers’  said to Gerry;  “I don’t know why you’re still friends with her!  She voted against your proposal!”

Gerry laughed and said;  “That’s why you agreed with it.”


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Written by jaylar