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You know, you don`t have to ever, you have that, you can make it. You don`t mind being alone. Right, I mean you like the computer and those friends, that are not real.

Yeah, sure. I know, I will make do.

Day upon day. Weeks passed, Friends, real people, pulled me out, come lets do something.

Next week, repeat.

Tired, oh so tired of the nothing, everyday the same thing. But I am free! Why not live?

I make that first step…. I once had a vision, I wrote it down…. ran to the shelf I pulled out the dusty paper and examined my sketch… Yeah! That is what I will do. After all its what “I” want to do.

In the car excited, I had written down a couple names of places on paper. The first was close to home, I liked the owner, the prices and one word… Absolutely. Really?  I had this one picked even before I went into all the others with their honey and sure sweethearts. Thank you God!

Okay… okay I am on a roll, happy with myself, back at home.

Working like a mad woman., get this ready. Calling and preparing, clean it up and out. Got to be nice now, no hoarding crap anymore.

Oh shit! Here came the devil, putting a stop to that happy, nope he can`t have it. Talking, talking and more talking. Here, one of the ears said, he handed me a card, call this one. Calling and calling, got another absolutely! Thank you God! Meet you up next week.

Loved my writing, but I had to keep my secrets. I share over there, get views make pennies, cash them in when I get $100 worth.

Hey! I got a few messages, I don`t come here often, I should, maybe get more views, after all views are pennies.

Hey there, wanna chat?

Wait… me?

Yeah… follow me.

Sure, give me a minute, I will try. Learning new tech stuff is confusing, give me a second.

I settled in with coffee in hand, an open heart. Eight hours later it was hard to say goodbye.

What the hell?  How can this be? eight hours later am I am no longer who I was?

Days passed, I have to rely on lists for work and appointment, I was hooked, I am telling you addicted like never before. Thank you God!

But wait it feels like decades not days!

Each day another layer peeled back, whewww! free and I can move, I can soar. Wait, what is that sound? that is me laughing.  Thanking God daily.

The eleventh day came around and the last later fell to the floor, it was bad, the worst of all of them. I Thanked God it was gone, I was truly free!

Be still and listen. Be patient, God got work to do.

I hear a voice, loud and clear……

Its Peter “Give me your hand my love, leave the past where it belongs, I am your future.”

Decisions and decisions…. what do I do? God Help!!!

Sitting on the cold ground, I reach up and take Peter`s hand, warm love covered me. The future. My future.

By Andria Perry

Photo by Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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  1. I just love daisies. Sometimes I have so many things going on at the same time and thoughts all over the place I forget that there is no one for me to share anything with. I have gotten into the habit of talking to myself and whenever I need it I give myself a pep talk. It really helps. Then I go outside to give myself a dose of reality that there is a world beyond my four walls

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