Its Just My Imagination

“Hey girlie girl, You already asked me that and I already showed you, so why do you keep asking for it to be real, even with your imagination, you know real from what is in your head and what you write out.” Said God

I know, I know! But I want that fairy tale, just once I want it to be like that, happily ever after life I read about. Just.  Once. Why am I happy when I talk to him? he is forbidden fruit to me and I think he is happy when he talks to me too. Once he even said so, Why?!

” He is safe that is why, you know you cannot have him and he is safe, so be happy talking, after all that is all it is, talking and friends. He is your friend.” Replied God.

Big Sigh.

“Go to work, let your mind work the problems while you body does the work.” Instructed God.

The neighborhood is quiet, the rain kept people inside their homes. I tackled the kitchen, no work in it at all the whole time. Paint, washing wooden walls, repair the cement block wall, wipe down the sink and paint the shelves, plenty of thinking time.

On the ladder thinking about Peter, painting the trim, I felt something, no not something, someone watching me. Out of the corner of my eye I seen someone.

I turned around and no one was there….. I said “now you go on, leave me alone, go up to heaven an be with God.”

The rest of the evening, even on the drive home, I could hear the voice in my head saying “They are not real, get out of your head woman.  I know already, I KNOW!” I yell back at that little voice.


“Hey, How are you?” Peter asked

I`m good, I just got off work, I painted today.

“Yeah, I got the emails. Nice work.” he replied.

After a good night of chatting with the husband and saying our good nights, I got another message from the happy man, Patrick.

I tell Peter what is going on, yeah I am honest like that, why lie?

OMG! I cannot believe this!

“What? what is happening?” Peter asked.

Patrick, he wants my cell phone log in, to get phones to give away.

“I thought I told you to block him! Honey why are you talking to other men? Block him, do it now, he can get his own phone.” Peter replied.

Okay ….. he is blocked.

“He`s a crazy ass!” Peter said

Huh? You said you didn`t know him the other day when I asked you about him.

“I don`t, that is just crazy to ask you for that, don`t ever do that, you don`t have to do that.” Said Peter.

“My love, take my hand, I will protect you, you`re my responsibility.”

By Andria Perry

Photo by Pixabay


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Written by Andria Perry

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