Island Pillars

Staffa Island: Geological Wonder of Staffa in Scotland (Island Pillars) is one of the smallest and uninhabited island on the west coast of Scotland, in the Inner Hebrides, Argyll and Bute. Staffa is known for its magnificent pillars of basalt and Uamh Binn (Music Cave) or Fingal cave, which continues to delight visitors for hundreds of years. The island is of volcanic origin. From sea to rise as hexagonal, regular columns made human rukom.Također is home to a large colony of birds but the real “crown jewel” of the island lies the cave Fingal.Legenda says Fingal was a giant who made a bridge between Ireland and Scotland. As war broke out between the giants of the bridge was destroyed but the only part that is left is an island Staffa.Naravno cave that looks a bit like the cathedral remained in glory diva who tried to merge irreconcilable. Cave also playing. How incredible pieces of acoustic waves play soft melodiju.Klasićni composer Felix Mendelssohn visited the cave in 1829 and was so impressed by the music he heard that he tried to replicate what became Fingal’s Cave – Overture (Hebrides Overture Opus 26). In 1700 these years, the island was inhabited by (even) 16 inhabitants, but their place was soon taken over by seabirds, and later tourists

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  1. Fingals cave, was supposed to be the cave of Merlin…Impressive photo, and no wonder..I met a woman who told me once that there were some people in England that Merlin would return to help people in need.
    Interesting…I think there are plenty of Merlins today.

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