Idiocracy… the set up

Those born in the late 1940s to 1950s  were used to certainty.  There was no political correctness, and many  were manually disciplined.   Parents didn’t say;  “Well, I don’t think you should do that…” in a soft egalitarian voice, they said; “NO!”

If one misbehaved at school they were punished.  They might be suspended or expelled, and this would have them receive manual discipline from their parents.

As they grew up and began to explore, for in those days, children were free roaming, ‘forced’ to play outside and often unsupervised once they were about seven,  as they were on their own, questioning  and doubting, they met others who also explored and questioned and doubted.

They grew up, with a sense of independence, having to rely on their own judgment.   They saw current events, and they protested, marching in the streets, sitting in, and it was impossible for the authorities to turn them into sheep.

This inability to tell the population that, for example, America did not invade Cambodia, failed.

What was needed was a dumber population who would not question.

Hence those born in the late 1940s,early 1950s,  were streamed and pushed to be brilliant, were replacedby those who focus on themselves and don’t care.

This is because those born in the 60sand 70s,  attended schools with a modified curriculum and nostreaming.  Many were raised by parents who didn’t discipline them.

They went on to reproduce themselves ata lower intellectual level with less self control.

Today, those born in the first periodhave retired, those in the second are at the end of their employmentlives, having reached as far as they will go.   They are replaced bythose born in the 80s, who are less educated than they.


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