Hold My Hand As I Die

Hey girlie girl, you asked for a sign and I sent a neon, blinded by the light of love you ignored it, all bight and pink, said God.

Visiting the dead asking “why and who?” I sent him and so you`d know it was truly him the smell came, you would know then, I am God after all, nothing is impossible with me.

I asked “Really? Him? C`mon! Sure, he is kind but not really my type.” Well, “what about Peter? Is all that real? I need to know, I need a sign.”

After the reveal……… Still addicted to this game, who will win the game, who will bend, who will win this mind struggle? The brainwash of pure love, the attentive man you can`t get enough, all the while knowing this is not real, but you stay wanting to finish the game, the ultimate mind screw over.

The anger!  It comes with a velocity that it makes you fall back into your seat, speechless and in tears.

I`m just a woman, nothing more. A greedy woman not worthy of such a noble man.

Go be with him, die.

The scent of cigarette smoke fulls the room as tears flow down my face. God said ” There girlie girl, that is your answer.”

“My Love” Peter said “Put the gun to your head, I will pull the trigger with one hand and I will hold your hand with the other.”

By Andria Perry

Photo by Pixabay


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Written by Andria Perry

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  1. You left me speechless. I am still picturing it all. I remember one hand holding and it was when my mom passed on. I held her hand after the fact and she squeezed my hand in goodbye as she completely went over to the other side.

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