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Henry Hudson and his trips to Canada.

Henry Hudson was a very determined explorer, he went to Canada four times to try to find the Northwest Passage across North America. One of the reasons that many people thought that there would be a Northwest Passage, is that in other continents of the world, there are very long rivers that flow west to east and or from east to west and they are very useful to connect different cities and countries with each other.  Many people thought that this new continent would also have a river like this.

So Henry Hudson went four times by boat,  and tried four different ways to get through or around North American to try to get to Japan and China.  But none of the routes went through.  He had to turn back each time.  The last time, his crew mutinied and left him and his son John with four other very sick sailors in a small rowboat with no water or food. He was never heard from again.  But his crew went back to Europe.

In consolation, Hudson Bay is named after him.

Lesson Plan about Henry Hudson

I teach English on-line and every day I teach something new.  So here is my lesson plan for today’s class.  Enjoy!


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