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Found Haiku: Far beyond the field

A so-called “found haiku” assembled from book titles: Β Far beyond the field / one hundred frogs / just living

Makoto Ueda: Far Beyond the Field – Haiku by Japanese Women

Hiroaki sato: One Hundred Frogs – from renga to haiku to English

Steven D. Carter: Just Living – Poems & prose by the japanese monk Tonna


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  1. I must admit it took me while to understand but now I can only say “That’s Pretty Amazing” Such a picturesque haiku : Far beyond the field / one hundred frogs / just living!

    Did you arrange the books yourself or did it happen by accident?

    I just looked up at my bookshelf and I saw these two almost side by side: Believing The Lie And The Mountains Echoed. Flabbergasting!!! maybe we can have a series of posts on this.

    • Yes please let’s! Believing The Lie And The Mountains Echoed!! No, I arranged them myself πŸ™‚ Frogs are a repeated motif in haikai, especially since Basho’s famous haiku, and they are always doing something (hopping into ponds, calling…) so there’s an element of irony in my last line πŸ™‚


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