Folk Dances of Kashmir

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Kashmir is famous for its scenic beauty. Its traditional folk dances are equally mesmerizing. The folk dances and folk music is an intrinsic part of Kashmiri culture. Here are some famous Kashmiri folk dances which are performed during festivities:

  • Rouf  It is one of the most popular folk dance of Kashmir which is performed during festive occasions especially during Id and Ramzan. A group of women perform Rouf facing each other which is a visual treat because of its simple footwork.
  • Bhand Pather This traditional folk theater of Kashmir is usually performed during social & cultural functions and is characterized by a powerful combination of dance and play. It aims at portraying social evils and issues.
  • Hafiza Dance This is performed during wedding ceremonies.
  • Bhand Jashan This folk dance is performed by 10-15 artists in traditional style with some light music.
  • Bacha Nagma This dance is performed by young boys during the harvest season. One of the boys dress up as a female and perform Hafiza dance.
  • Wuegi-Nachum This is not very common and is performed after the wedding ceremony when the bride has left for her husband’s home. Kashmiri women dance around bridal rangoli.


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