Dawn's Light – Bad Friends

The United States has always been allies with some of the worst governments.

Supporting Duvailer in Haiti, for example, is just one example.  Virtually bowing the knee to Saudi Arabia, is another.

As America is controlled by oil tycoons, it isn’t a surprise  that Saudi Arabia would be so beloved.  Obviously there is more to the story.

Why would America ‘land of the free’  be an ally of one of the most repressive dictatorships on the planet if its pockets weren’t stuffed?

That most of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi, welcomed into America, given training as pilots. so had no problem commandeering four planes and crashing three without issue into the World Trade Towers and Pentagon should have provoked some response from America.

It didn’t.

America went after Afghanistan and Iraq.  

That America continued to train Saudi pilots in America, not in Guam or some other venue seems incredible, unless one comprehends there is a ‘special’ link between the two nations where the Saudi’s are on top.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


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  1. I don’t buy anything 100% and I don’t pretend to know all the inner workings of what the military does and doesn’t do. I know that we never know where our navy seal is or what he is doing. We just hope for the best and pray often.

    • It is clear that there is a lot beneath the surface no one knows. One can only look at facts. The fact that the U.S. never took action against Saudi, never changed its policy is what is suspicious.

      I would think that right after 9/11 any Saudi that wanted U.S. training would be sent to Guam or one of the other 38 off shore bases. NOT in the U.S. But that isn’t the case.


  2. After Sept 11, when I saw so many of the terrorists were Arabian and legally in the US…I thought something would happen to Saudi. Nothing did. Through the years they’ve never been sanctioned or punished.

    The murdered Khosoggi and nothing.

    Then those Arabian pilots, legally in the US…despite Sept. 11… and one just kills Americans. And nothing?

    I bet right now there are pilots and soldiers from Saudi in the US training.

    If they came from Niger? Do you not think there would be bombing and invasions… etc.

    • LOL. Oh! I hadn’t thought of that. And I’m a person who always finds places to stick a movie quote. Good quote! It really fits here. Although I don’t agree 100%.

      America is no different from any other country. You have good folks in the political leadership who genuinely want to serve the people and do the right thing. And then there are the evil self-serving powermongers. We – “we” as in human beings – have that same problem all around the world and we all have to wrestle with it! Just because something is done, that doesn’t make it right, and that doesn’t mean people have accepted it as a fact of life and aren’t trying to do something about it. A stronghold is hard to uproot and destroy. But it’s not impossible to uproot and destroy. I have faith!

      • In the real world money always talks very loudly. But if money always rules, the slave Spartacus would have never rebelled. You can’t predict the future. Saudi Arabia OWNS the US? Don’t make me laugh. “Power” is a fiction.

          • What you mean is Saudi Arabia (or any of the other bad players for that matter) never seem to get their just punishment according to what you think they deserve and it doesn’t happen within the time frame that you think they should get their comeuppance. If you don’t see something happen during your lifetime that you feel is right and fair, does that mean it will never happen? I’ll bet the Holy Roman Empire thought they would never fall. Date dissolved: August 6, 1806 (per Wikipedia).

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