Anna Hazare to URGE FOR affidavits from the people who will JOIN the movement.

Anna does not want this time to recreate another  Kejriwal in his coming Mass hesitation. That’s why Anna desires to have affidavits from the people who shall join this mass hesitation.
In it, they will declare that they will never go to the field of politics in the future.
Leaders in India  have been born with almost every Big social movement in India as our political History reflects and does echo which Anna Hazare does desire to refurbish .


Kejriwal could not become chief minister:

During the corruption Movement in the past 2013 ,Mr. Kejariwal was absolutely the right hand of Anna Baboo Rao Hazare Many time in the past after Mr. Kejariwal Being the Chief Minister of Delhi Anna Hazare many time have shown his agony against him.During a Media communication in past Tuesday Anna Hazare once again disagreed with Mr. Kejariwal.

The Affidavit about which I am desiring now if done earlier then Mr. Kejariwal could not able neither to be a chief Minister or any other Minister even in the Delhi Govt.’s Cabinet.


Anna said – ‘such people will be part of our Movement  whose character will be good, will be respected in society and who will be ready to sacrifice for the country.

Those people will now be a part of my movement. Such people will have to sign an affidavit.It will be clearly mentioned in those affidavits that they will not be involved in any political party in the future.They will not at all Fight any Elections in future course of their Lives.
They will be just part of the movement which will give a new direction to the country and society.


Anna Hazare expressed displeasure over the condition of farmers and said that in the last 22 years, about 12 lakh farmers have committed suicides in this country which is an extreme pathos for our Farmers who led this country a Glorious Green Revolution.All the Govt.s came after our country’s independence have not done anything seriously to solve the debt ridden Suicidal Mindsets of our Farmers forgetting the India’s Tag of ‘JAI KISAAN’. Anna said that he has visited Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Karnataka in recent few days in regard to this coming mass Movements in India which is likely to be led bu Anna Baboorao Hazare.During this time, he talked to many people to know the problems of farmers.

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)


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  1. Really Sorry Sue, as I had to put some background of this issue for which it is absolutely is not understood clearly-That I would like to put Forward Now-Kejariwal is the Political Product as innovated by Anna Jee during his Earlier Movement in Delhi through his Fast against Corruption.In these earlier Movement Everything were managed controlled by 3 Key accompanies of Anna Hazare ,Sir. Mr. Kejariwal(Recent CM of Delhi State) ,Manish Sisodia(Current Deputy CM-DELHI) and Kiran Bedi(Now Member of BJP and turned Governor of PUNDUCHERY STATE)When Anna’s Movekment became popular and when crore intended to join it ,In this Moment Kejariwal ,Despite of Anna Jee’s repeated suggestion to not to Flow any Party.Which was not obeyed By Kejariwal and Formed Party as AAM AADMI PARTY .This AAP led him the CM of Delhi.Anna jee’s anger only came to lime light when he became unable to Fulfill all the Promises made during election.Therefore Anna jee now saying that who ever desires to be volunteer should give a AFFIDAVIT in which he/she will mention that in the Future course of Time He/She will not enter into politics and only on this condition the person can able to a worker/volunterr or Member of Anna Supported Movement in Delhi in Future course of time .

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