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Russian photographer from St. Petersburg Proh Andy (Andy PROKHIM) managed to draw attention to their work, thanks to the unusual posture of his model. Model is a noble origin, pronounced cheeks, rounded body, large tolerance and peaceful nature. It looks like a teddy bear, like all British Shorthair, or relaxed macinog character is reserved only for his daughter Katherine, says Andy, and smoking isolated on an ice terrace under the watchful eye of Lilu Blue Royal Lady Lilu won the photography enthusiasts incredible care of the baby next whose crib is standing for days, following the unobtrusive in its activities and growing up. Choosing minimalism and almost always the same exposure, PROKHIM soon found himself in art magazines with a series of black and white photos is very simple name: A girl and her cat (A Girl And Her Cat). He made almost a cartoon of his everyday princess, so that we can see how they learn, paint, play chess and cards, fishing, act, eat, sleep and perform common tasks, seemingly each other enough. Photographer is explained by the fact that his daughter and cat inseparable from the girl’s birth. Highlights the immense love she feels for them, and that is always able to photograph only what he loves, so that the photo-story set to the delight of fans who passionately follow these girls, often placing their photos on social networks, primarily because rarely successful circuit art and “common places”.


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