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Wandering Through With a Song or Two

Remember what works for the goose works for the gander! Following the example. I do long Saturdays and Songs and I hope that you find something here that “moves” you. I have a long day ahead and only a small amount of time to wander about and leave my footprints. Ya’ll know that I have joined the dark side because that is what is expected and desired by the owners. I have sold my soul for a penny, but only here lol.

#3 Matthew West – Quarantine Life

This really made me smile. It simply makes me laugh and I think laughter is what my soul requires!

#4 Fifty Ways to Catch Corona – Paul Simon Coronavirus Parody Song Remix ( covid-19 ) WARING THIS IS A SPOOF!

This is a SPOOF this is meant to be funny and a little on the dark side. There are times when sarcasm and spoofs release a little tension and this morning the men in my house were rockin' this song.

#6 Seasons of Love [Rent] – The Welsh of the West End

Wow, I had almost forgotten this song. This is such an awesome song, to begin with, and I have not listened to it in a long time. Five hundred twenty-five thousandSix hundred minutes really puts things in perspective for a year, doesn't it! Can anyone write that numerically for me in the comments, please? I have have a thought!


What do you think?

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    • @ Carol DM I cannot thank you enough. My brain has been on overload trying to get the new job taken care of. I appreciate the number. I am going to be using it in a few posts and I want to do something different.

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