Trying to Rid Toenail Fungus

Friday, 5.24.19

I woke up at around 10am, and I soon realized that I forgot to take out the trash. As I did my usual morning routine, I decided that I don’t feel like going to noon yoga and evening walking meeup today. I need to figure out what to do to get rid of this fungus on my big toenails, as well as some on my right foot, in which I think is making my right leg slightly swollen. I have been doing natural remedies of baking soda paste, warm water soak, and an anti-fungal cream for the nails. 

I decided to use my insurance and go to Hoag Urgent Care walk-in clinic. They told me it doesn’t look that bad, and I should just use the over-the-counter medicine. I was hoping for something better. Someone had told me to get an Venous Doppler ultrasound to make sure there isn’t a blood clot because I sit at the computer a lot. So, I asked to get that done in order to be safe. The girl doing it told me she didn’t see any blood clot, which is a good sign. She didn’t say anything else. 

I went straight to the mall to meet a family friend with her friend. They are both doctors, but I think one is retired. I hung out with them for a while, and I showed them my fungus on my feet, mostly on my right foot and the slight swelling of my calf. They knew of better products to try out.

When they decided to return home, I decided to go to Albertsons to buy some anti-fungal cream for my foot. The other cream I have is for the nails. I check out other related products, but I didn’t buy it yet. I will probably go back later. 

I returned home to do my daily feet cleanse and creams application. 


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