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The photographer’s special “glasses” – Challenge – Fruits And Things To Go

To support the #messageexperiment challenge started by Elenka lacho59, I post these photos. To be honest, I don’t quite understand yet for what Elenka meant by “experiments” but considering that I usually also like to make unusual shots as I’ve been posting since I participated in many challenges lately, so I’m happy to do so.

#1 Get Ready On The Runway

My wife has given a small dish rack to dry the dishes after being washed. Before she used it, I used it for this challenge.

31 Get Ready On The Runway 2

By using a flash light, this image becomes quite different...

Hey guys... Have a great weekend!

#2 More About Kuaci

This is one of the few photos of the kuaci I took for the two challenges.


What do you think?