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The nature of the beast for Nature Tuesday….

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the nature of the beast first appeared in the 1600’s. 

The nature of the beast: the (usually undesirable) inherent or essential quality or character of a person, event, circumstance, etc. 

So, I was looking through my photo files and came across these two dogs I just got through grooming and that phrase just came to mind. The nature of the beast. 

I have been seeing a lot of this. Matted dogs. The owner of these two were so stressed out, she had broken her foot and leg right a few months before the lock down. She wasn’t able to brush them like she should of, and then all the grooming shops closed. So this is around 4 months of hair growth. They are Shih Tzu. The hair mats very easily unless you brush them every day. 

#3 The owners wanted little teddy bear faces with short ears and long tails.

They ran around acting like pups. Not bad for a 14 year old and a 12 year old. They felt so new and fresh. lol It was funny to watch them race around. As soon as I asked if they were ready to go home they ran to the door to get their leashes on. So cute.


What do you think?

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    • It sure isnt here. We have over 100 a day still being hospitalized in San Diego County. No downward curve at all, it just keeps climbing. Hopefully we will start to see a drop soon. Thank you, they were so sweet, and super good!

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