The Grand Challenge – 11

One of the things that shocks Grandparents today is how their children can believe ridiculous things which their own existence disproves.

For example, the grands vaccinated their children.  They survived. Yet, some will be ‘anti-vaxxers’ because some charlatan claimed it ’causes’ autism.

The children don’t get the reality that there were very few autistic children when they were growing up.  

The children might have been free range, yet lock their own in house prisons.

To mention the discordance between what the grandparents did and what the child is doing to the grandchildren can not be done.

Not unless one is looking for war.


What do you think?


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  1. The Realities of Life,( not just on a site like this), is that people will do what they can get away with. When the spotlight is shined, when there are other eyes on the practitioner of evil, they retreat… for ‘ it is meet that darkness hates the light’.

    If it wasn’t for you, and people like you, what I experienced would be giggled at in the backrooms; for surely the Admin must know… (I have kept the messages saying that my items were ‘approved’ when they were either deleted or tossed in drafts)… what was happening.

  2. As promised I shared that post with Admin. I notice your posts are getting published. I checked your profile and see you have 3000 plus posts in two years. But for obvious reasons not many read your posts because those who have joined later than 2 years will not able to connect with your posts as they are a continuation of a story you are writing on different topics. .
    I have already told you I have no issues. They also do not publish all my posts the same day and they have returned a couple of my posts to the draft section without giving me a reason. I send them back and they get published.

    There could be glitches too. This is my observation.

    Have a nice day

    • I appreciate your aid and the open discussion we are having. In justice tends to exist in darkness and silence.

      As you are aware how long I have been here you can appreciate that some of what I have mentioned never happened before. Never, since the day I joined has a post been ‘approved’ and then deleted or placed in drafts. Previously, one would find rejected posts in drafts.

      One also finds it odd when one writes a story of many chapters that it is the 10th chapter where the image is suddenly too small.

      • I am not an authority on this as you know. If you still feel they are deliberately doing what they are doing to you which I hope is not true, then too bad for you. I hope you will be able to move on despite there being issues that are bothering you.

        • I believe that your spotlighting of the issues is why there has been action. The truth of what I wrote about what I experienced can not be denied. As long as it was kept in ‘private messages’ between me and the non responsive Admin it would persist.

          When you shined the spotlight on it, there was no denial possible. So they actually published my items.

          Thank you so much. Without you, it would not have happened.

          • You are the second one in recent days. I do not get any response but action is taken. Even when I point out why I do not get that rising icon on my posts they immediately do that.

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