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The Essential Preparations for Volunteer Overseas

Volunteerism is a noble thing to do for mankind. It doesn’t matter what races are you in. The most important thing is to give reinforcement through good or services. If you have a big heart, then you are on the right track. Being a volunteer is like giving hope to people who are needed to survive. Volunteer overseas is a part of fulfillment because you touched the heart of people and stays in their hearts forever.

Some volunteers across the globe are always in the midst of knowing what to prepare. Orientation from an organization is not enough to prepare the upcoming volunteers. On some occasions, the preparation is so superficial to ponder. A big question is, “Why?” The answer is not always based on textbooks or soft copy information from the internet. The reliable information is based on actual experiences of volunteers who had it in their own respective missions to certain under developing countries.

 Things to bring before the departure date:

1. Rechargeable Flashlights or Lanterns

We can expect that there will be a random power outage in the settlement assignment for volunteers. It is the best thing to have an instant light in the shelter. You won’t regret having this thing in your luggage. It is not a bed of roses in the area of mission. As they said, “Expect the unexpected.”

2. First Aid Kit

Living across the underdeveloped country, we still need to have our own First Aid kit. That includes your personal medications, vitamins, over-the-counter medicines and the like. In a foreign land, we are not familiar with the branded or generic medicines available in an isolated country. It is best to have your own supply and depend on how long the project. There is no need to worry if possible to pass through the immigration booth. Clearance from a certified doctor of the organization can provide this.

3. Textbooks or Reference Books

Despite the years of experience in certain professional skills, we still need to bring essential books for the mission. There are some instances that the reference books or textbooks are not available in the placement areas. It is better to be ready than sorry.

4. Modern Gadgets

Volunteers are still humans. They still have episodes of feeling lonely in a foreign land especially if it is an isolated place. The answer for this is to have modern gadgets such as external drive with favorite movies, dongle to access the internet, e-books and among others. It will definitely boost your energy to continue the mission.

5. Appropriate Outfit

Before the departure of a volunteer, he or she need to spend time searching for the placement country. The clothing of style should take a big consideration here. It is always based on country’s culture. The appropriateness of outfit depends on the seasons or clothes that are acceptable in society.

6. Food Pack

There are some cases that our taste buds crave for food from the motherland. It is also fine to bring some parcel of food that is acceptable to bring with you. You can have your favorite snacks and things that will quench your cravings for food.

7. Souvenir

Volunteers can be within the locality of the country or came from different countries. In most cases, these foreign volunteers can bring souvenirs from their country. It is also a part where they also promote their nationality and motherland. If you wish, it is better to have a few paper bills to be given to the local people.

8. Vaccination Booster

Prior to the departure, the volunteers need to have a vaccination booster. The reason, the outgoing volunteers should be in healthy condition to render their professional skills to the designated placement areas. It is a must before the volunteers can carry out their mission.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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  1. interesting, i think the one modern gadget you didn’t mention was the cell phone. Getting a local or regional sim card for calls in-country, and then your home sim so you can call family from time to time!


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