The answers to Yesterday’s Photos Quiz and my day in pictures..

I thought I would post a quiz on the unusual snaps I got while taking the dogs for a walk two places near where I live in Southern California.

One is a place that is in the process of being cleaned up. This used to be a homeless camp, under the freeway in Oceanside, CA.

It housed over 100 people, and was a super scary place. Some homeless camps have families, and people just down on their luck. This one was not one of those.. There was a lot of drugs and illegal activity here. On any given day you could look out towards the beautiful lagoon, and see heroin addicts passed out or in stupors.. A lot of cars got broken into at the beach, a lot of coin op machines stolen or smashed into….

One set is of a hike we did early in the day, we found a cool place under another bridge.. I used some photos from it was well.

Now for the quiz and the photos I used for the quiz, which by the way can be found in purple below.

Yesterdays Pictures.. A quiz..

1. I asked what the big cement thing was. It was a bridge for the I5 freeway that runs north and south.

Here is a better look. Just a thought.. If the beach is to my right.. Which bridge is heading south and which is heading north? grins.

Back to the quiz..

2. I asked you to find the bike. It was on the left hand side of the frame.

3. Is poison oak. Pretty color right? Good thing about it, is I am not allergic to it. I can get in and take all the photos I want..

4. That bridge shot. This was an original and I mentioned that I saw two things wrong with it.

The first was that big crack and chunk of cement missing. The other was the lamp halfway off of the bridge. It does not fit.

5. This tall grass is bamboo. And a better look at the bridge. Even though there is cement cracking off, it is steal enforced.  You can also see the lagoon at the bottom of the frame.

6. I used a black and white version of the photo below, and asked what color the light was. It was green.

7.Was a New Orleans Saints Football something. I couldn’t tell if it was a poster or what..

Here is another shot of it. It was deep in the bamboo.

8. This was a reflection on the underside of a cement bridge.

Here is another shot.

I was telling Carol, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of this reflection.. and took a bunch of pictures.

One more.

Back to the quiz..

9.  I asked you to find the dog in the closeup of the bike.

10. I asked what this container used to hold. The answer was in the label. The big leaf of a marijuana plant. It is legal in our state for medical or recreation. This is a medical mj container. Cannabis or Cannibus.

11. All the question was, “Illegal activity?”. Yes, it is part of a coin operated machine.

12. I asked what lived here. This was one bedroom of a homeless camp. It had three bedrooms, living room and I think a bathroom…

Here is the small bedroom.

13. There were two dogs in this photo.

14. Was a damselfly.

Lastly number 15 was a rock with the word love written on it.

Thank you all for taking the quiz and checking these originals out. Have a great day!


What do you think?

Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. Another amazing journey Kim. The reflection photos were beautiful. It is sad to think of these remains as a part of someone’s life. To be homeless I could never understand. I know some choose this way of life and they will no accept help. Others I am sure have no choice. Very sad.

    • Thank you Carol. So, it wasn’t just me.. It was like watching a fire,,you couldn’t keep your eyes off of it.
      The homeless problem in our county is so bad. I feel it will probably get worse. I wish things would change.. Most Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless.