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The 365 Photos Challenges – Mother and Child #2

Mother and child is always my favorite subject. It shows love between the mother and the child. It shows that a mother will do everything for her child. Why?

A mother’s love started even before her child is born. Upon conception, when she knows that she is carrying a child, many changes happen. Her daily regimen change. And even her lifestyles change to give her child a healthy environment.

And when her child is born, lots of sacrifice is offer just to make sure that her child is healthy. A mother would even leave her job to be a fulltime mother. She will continue to mother her child as long as she live.

Being a mother myself, i know that it takes all my strength to nurture my child but no regrets. I love my children. Seeing them happy is a fulfillment for me. And witnessing them achieving their goals and dreams is a pure bliss for me.

A mother’s love is the greatest love on earth.


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