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The 1st Thanksgiving…What was it really like

11.22.18, Thursday Thanksgiving evening…

short Thanksgiving cartoon

Check out this cute Thanksgiving cartoon video about what really happened during the first Thanksgiving between the pilgrims and the Native Americans. It is all about the fight to steal land from the Native Americans, and the Native Americans trying to protect their culture and people.

For some reason, I couldn’t post this video under the video section. So, I decided to post it here, in this form, which will probably take you to Youtube to watch it. There are more cartoon videos, where are probably the continuation of the story.


What do you think?


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  1. And here I sit…This is what they need to teach in schools.
    My great grandfather was an assassin posing as a chambermaid in England, part of the family stayed with the king, while others left for Australia and the US. He came over, fell in love with a Nez Perce woman, and found someone finally to marry them. They were not allowed to stay in town, so he built her a cabin in the woods not too far away from town. He could still ride there and back in a day to get supplies.
    I loved the cartoon, they did pretty good with it. Still is sugar coated..

    • i know. that is why i don’t care about these stupid holidays. they are all about zionism. and i am vegan. i dont care about eating dead animals. thanksgiving is about celebration of stealing land. that is why i also want to expose what is going on in Palestine and other countries because it is all the same invasion but different country and people.


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