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Song Saturday ~ Jewel Kilcher ~ Who will save your soul

Jewel is my favorite female artist. Her vocal range is from an A2 to a full on G6! 

Some of you might have heard this song, but have you ever watched the woodstock video? If not, watch this video. She plays with the audience and shows what a true performer she is. She also hits all of that range, its fabulous and fun. Watch the lead guitar and her facial expressions when they play together. I dare you not to smile. 😉 

Inside are the lyrics of the original song she recorded, (and a sunset from this week) although this version has much more.

 Luna (my dog) loved the meow meow meow part of this song, her ears shot up and she watched her for some time. 

#3 Another tower went up, where the homeless had their homes..

We try to hustle them, try to bustle them, try to cuss them

The cops want someone to bust down on Orleans Avenue

Another day, another dollar, another war,

Another tower went up, where the homeless had their homes

So we pray to as many different Gods as there are flowers

But we call religion our friend

We're so worried about saving our souls

Afraid that God will take His toll

That we forget to begin

#4 You got social security, but that doesn’t pay your bills..

Some are walking, some are talking, some are stalking their kill

You got social security, but that doesn't pay your bills

There are addictions to feed and there are mouths to pay

So you bargain with the Devil, say you're OK for today,

You say that you love them, take their money and run

Say it's been swell, sweetheart, but it was just one of those things

Those flings, those strings you've got to cut,

So get out on the streets, girls, and bust you butts.


What do you think?

Written by Kim_Johnson


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    • I was hoping you would enjoy this video, I know you know the song. This is just so much more! And also thank you for the compliment, it was a Carol type of sunset! Thats my new name for the most awesome ones.

    • It is a very catchy title isn’t it! She is very entertaining. Knows how to play a crowd for sure. Must of been from growing up in dive bars singing with her father. Glad you liked the sunset, it was really pretty.


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