Smart Man – 15

Paul had no idea that the very day Daraja married him she applied for American citizenship.

Daraja had a Green Card as she had legally been in America three years before she met and married Paul.

She could have found some America fool to marry in her first year, but didn’t.  Daraja wanted to spend the least time with an American husband as he must.

Her plan had been to get into an America college, which she had done.   This would not merely give her an education, but a legal status.  Just before graduation when her time was up, she would  find some  man to marry her, get citizenship.  Once this was complete,  Daraja would divorce her American husband.

It was not a difficult program to put into operation.

There was no shortage of  stupid  lonely American men,   what needed that extra work was to find one who had no family to pry,  or advise.

The perfect dupe was a man too stupid to ask questions, to even know what  questions he should ask, who was  alone.. .


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