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Pink Beauty For Color Crazy Challenge

My activity from morning until noon today was merely taking care of the gardens, bonsai, jogging with my wife and stop by the traditional market closest to home.

While enjoying all these activities, I do not forget to look for anything with purple and pink for #colorcrazy challenge started by Kim.


What do you think?

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  1. For posts, I get the same. Eggplant is very tasty baked. I’ll give you a recipe for him. But this dragonfly I see it for the first time.
    Home kioupolou

    Ingredients Necessary
    aubergines – 2 – 3 pieces
    peppers – 4 – 5 peppers
    tomatoes – 2 – 3 pieces
    garlic – 3 – 4 cloves
    Method of preparation
    Bake aubergines and peppers and put them in a pot with a lid to stifle. Then peel off.

    They are cracked in a big wooden hammer, but nowadays you can also use a kitchen robot or blender, as well as an ordinary meat grinder.

    Add peeled and grated tomatoes, salt-crushed garlic and stir everything with a wooden spoon.

    Flavour home-made potato with oil, vinegar and salt. Confuse again and serve with parsley decoration

  2. Oh fantastic! I am impressed you jog. I never have been able to do that, I get a pain in my side. Since childhood. I do love to walk, climb and swim. Love this shot, you got both colors in one place! I know what the eggplant is, but what is the other?

      • I guess you have found a hitch in their get along. Meaning Virily has a bug? Aha, okay, dragon fruit. I have seen it before. Never tasted them. They probably pick them too green to ship here. Like the banana here sure doesn’t taste like ones picked more ripe.