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October Is Poetry Writing Month

Hi guys,

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping busy.  I know, I was very busy these last few months.  I want to tell you about October being poetry writing month.  I just got back into writing poetry.  I wrote a lot of poems when I was a young kid and teenager.

About a month ago I started writing poetry again.   I started when I came crossed some of my old journals.   One of them had a letter from my grandfather in it.  My grandfather always thought I was going to end up being a writer.  He loved my poetry.  He is one of the reasons that I write.  After reading his letter.  I started writing poetry again.


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Sorry for getting a little off topic.  October is Poetry writing month.  I found out about this when I came crossed OctPoWriMo2018 blog post.  You write one poem a day for 31 days.  Some people write and post their poems on Facebook, blogs or writing sites.

There really is not that many rules if you would like to join in.  You can go to OctPoWri2018 and sign up.  I will be posting on my blog Writing Through the Soul.

If you enjoy writing poetry, you will have a lot of fun doing this and you can post your poems here on Virily.   All you really have to do is to remember to use the hashtag #OctPoWriMo on social media, when you share your poetry.

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