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Mount Everest – City of tents

Now a days  ‘tent of city’ is settled at Mount Everest’s base camp. In this this spring approximately two thousand people, including 375 mountaineer  and their guides, gathered in the Mount Everest base camp. This camp is based at the height of 5380 meters from the surface sea in the south of Everest Peak.

In spring thousand of mountaineer visit Everest’s base camp.

Before the final stage of heading the peak people go ups and down to the base so that they accelerate oxygen deficiency on such an elevation.

This year, the Nepal government has sent a team based on the officials of Survey Department’s to base camp, so that they could measure the fresh height of Mount Everest.

In this spring almost 800 Mountaineer have been allowed to head 30 different Himalayas in Nepal. According to authorities, there are increasing the number of people asking for permission to heading Everest Peak.

Last week, due to sea storm in Gulf Bengal, it caused heavy snow on Nepal’s mountains. In the upper part of Mount Everest’s base camp , many tents flew due to the heavy winds.

Mountaineer were ask to go to safe places from the mountains, so that they can avoid the effects of the sea storm. However the weather became cleared soon and mountaineer got busy to prepare for final heading.

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