LaJenna’s Joke of The day Challenge #2: A Storm of a Dance

Kim_Johnson has been known for her clever joke telling. She keeps us all smiling, waiting for her next joke of the day. Now I have started ,”LaJenna’s Joke of the Day Challenge.” It is fun to try to make up a joke for each day, that will help people find a little laughter to share with the world. Here is my joke for today.”A part of the same word fits all of these descriptions.

It is a board game that is also a type of dance. It can hurt the land especially during the summer time. Have fun, and put your answer in the comment box below.  The answer is almost too easy!!!!

Be Happy! A giggle or two may just chase the blues away.


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Written by LaJenna

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  1. Come on baby lets do the twist! That was a fun dance btw. I like your twisted game of joke of the day. If that makes sense. What was your favorite game as a child? Twister was one of mine, along with hide n seek and monopoly. I once saw a twister come over the rise in Arkansas one time, well it was more of a funnel cloud that set down two twisters side by side, the came across the river towards me and at the last second before hitting the resort they separated and went around the resort. We still got a lot of wind and damage but were lucky.

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