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Just For Fun Challenge: Putt-Putt Golf, Green Trees, and Grass

Kim_Johnson started a fun challenge,  just post about your favorite color, add JFF as the hashtag. I am about to play putt_putt golf. The grass is a beautiful green,  the same as the trees surrounding the course. I even shot a hole in one for real. My daughter did the same.


Image Credit belongs to LaJenna


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Written by LaJenna


  1. I used to take my kids to the local putt-putt in Indiana. The twins thought it was hilarious to do full swings and see if they could get the golfball into the water. They were often successful.

  2. Wonderful picture. I used to play golf.In Belgrade, in the fortress Kalemegdan there is a mini golf course. We often went out and entertained.I have not played this game long ago … I do not think I’d hit a hole.