I can tell…

I could tell you how you picked the correct answers or I can show you. 

Below are the answers to the, “What can you tell me quiz”.  Seen here.

So this is how I came up with my edited (or not so edited) version for the quiz. 

1. I asked what the trees had in common. This was an original, and the palms were all dead. 

2. I made this photo appear sunny/hazy and asked if what kind of day it was. 

It was really so cloudy, windy and cold this photo was snapped from the car, you can see it below.

3. This original was cropped just showing the top part of the pole. It was a pole for electricity or telephone. 

4. For number four I asked what these red/brown things were made of.. The are ceramic. 

5. I asked how many dogs were in the photo. There were five. 

6. I asked what was wrong with this picture. Did I add a plant? Turn the photo? Cropped it? 

I did nothing, it is an original. I was looking down a bluff face, the plant on the bluff was growing sideways, the plant in the water was really there. 

7. Find the dog.

She was right here. 

8. I asked if he made it to the top? 

Yes he did! Being a mom, watching you baby climb a cliff face is not easy btw.. He has been a daredevil since he was born practically. 

9. Was an optical illusion and the stream gradually descends. 

10. Was number 1.

11. Was number 2. Hope you all got this one correct. Grins. 

Have a great day!! 


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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