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How to improve your Article Views?

If you want to improve the views to your articles or the page views to your website or blog (in case you have one), it is necessary to keep your visitors involved. Getting visitors for a website need not have to be like taking a school or college test. Still you have to make some attempts mainly to make sure that you are staying firm. Ultimately the number of page views you may get just boils down to the number of posts or articles you write.

As per available statistics a normal visitor views around one and a half pages each time they visit a blog or a site. So it would seem to give good reason that the more articles you write, the better you will be. Can something be done to get extra page views? Writing in succession is a known and good way of generating more page views and is also found to be truly effective.

You will be able to see a good increase in page impressions and traffic if the series you create turns out successful. Interlinking within the written content is nothing but linking to your own content. However, this method is found to be extremely effective.  In interlinking, in addition to providing links to the article/s you have already written, it will also motivate the readers to view all your related posts.

In the same way, you should also interrelate. Video sites like YouTube and popular social media websites like Twitter and Facebook are nothing but all about interaction. You must be in a position to retain your readers via comments and create a community. In this way you can have dedicated readers and they will definitely boost the website or blog traffic for you.

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