Guessing Game Challenge

Most people enjoy guessing games, or most any type of game. I have started a challenge that has everything to do with guessing. Only one photo can be posted. I used PhotoMania to make this photo seem more difficult to guess what this photo is all about. I think it is interesting to try to make the right answer seem harder to find. Have fun!

Now what do you think this photograph is all about. PhotoMania is a creative way of hiding obvious clues. Please feel free to post a guessing game of your own. Photomania does not have to be used, but I think it makes it more fun. Your choice!

Just this tag – #Guessing_Game_Challenge

Can’t wait to start guessing your guessing game post.


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna


  1. I am always late! The effect looks cool though. I was about to say that it’s some type of scan, but it can be also a portal to another world.

    • Pam you are correct! I was having a scan to see where I needed my radiation. Doing well now! This was not considered a CT I do not think, but maybe it was.

    • Well Della it is not a CT scan but your are kinda close to the right idea lol. Come back later to find out the answer. Thank you for your thoughts!