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Today I am feeling very low.  Actually I think I am suffering from Depression.  I should know for I was a licensed practical nurse for close to 14 years.  I have lost weight, really no appetite and has lasted for longer than two weeks.  Those if I remember right are a few of the symptoms of Depression. I am able to complete and even kind of enjoy caring for my dog Pokey for I have bathed her and walked her today, but I always play with her. I have completed the yard and household chores and kind of felt good about myself when they were completed. I believe I still miss my mom, who has been gone (died) two years ago now. Boy, does time fly sometime. I even still miss my dad and brother who has both been gone (died) for close to seven and 40 years ago, respectively.

I am trying to move on, but a lot of times I want to go home to Pennsylvania for now I live with my sister in Louisiana.  My sister moved me and my mother down with her and her kids and grandkids now eight years ago for I think she really did not trust me to care for our mom, but that is water under the bridge, and one day I do plan to move back to Pennsylvania if all my writing works out.  I have been doing a lot of reading and writing book reviews, but again that seems to be on the slow side.  A lot of times I seem to be reading and researching for the books I plan to write instead of the reviews.  I have also started to make latchhook rugs or wall hangings for Christmas gifts this year for I really cannot afford to shop for some of sites I write answering questions have not had a lot for me to help with. I do have a payday coming in a few days, but after the exchange rate for the site is based in Canada. I should have a pretty good one coming at the end of the month. Does anyone else just feel like they are just doing?

I know intellectually since I work from home online that I should get out more, but when I have a chance to get out which I did at the beginning of the month went to New Orleans for a nurse practitioner conference with my sister.  I have some notes for some articles to write in the future.  There was a good thing that happened there I will be doing a Poster Presentation for them next year and earn me some money. After writing this I feel a little better just getting it off my chest.


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