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Did you find what you were looking for in this quiz? Go check the quiz out, because below are the answers to the quiz.

I have put the answers into a ranked list instead of a poll. I am just trying out different things. 

All you have to do is please Vote for your favorite question in the quiz. 

Have a great day! 

#1 Crazy sign painter…

I changed the sign to read, "Virily Just Art Quiz". Did you notice the change? 

2 points

#2 My white tiger

I hid the word, "leg" and asked if you could find it. What I forgot to ask was what leg had something changed. I make mistakes sometimes on my quizzes.. 

Can you find what leg had something changed? 

2 points

#3 The nose knows…

In the quiz, I asked what had photo bombed this picture. Did you notice it? 

1 point

#4 Two changes..

The missing umbrella might of been easy to notice, but I took out a car as well. 

What did you think of this one? 

1 point

#5 From questions 5 and 6 in the quiz

This was questions five and six. The first photo I hid the words, "Down here". The second photo I put a wave in the same spot that I had hid the words. 

1 point

#6 From questions 7-10 in the quiz

This is the answers to 7, 8, and 10. 

In question number 7 I just had the outline for the roof in and asked if you could tell what it was. 

In question number 8 I had the outline to the back round of the calm ocean in and asked what it was. 

In question number 9 I showed you this finished sketch, and asked that you look closely at it, then answer number 10. 

The question for number 10 was how many things were added to an almost finished sketch. There were five things added. 

1. Birds

2. Clouds

3. Sun

4 Building color

5 The green dress

Was this fun? 

1 point

What do you think?

6 points

Written by Kim_Johnson

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