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Despair is Real

and the consequences can be severe. It’s not something that you can just turn off. You can only pretend so long that everything will be okay. And finally, you break. You crumble. You don’t have the strength to stand and you don’t know how or why you should try for just one more day. You hide. You cry. You are alone. All the beauty you can see right outside of your window seems to be millions of miles away. And where do you go from here?  It’s unacceptable to talk about it. There are no magic cures. Fear holds your heart and your mind.  Ashamed by the way you feel and unable to explain exactly how it all happened, and still it’s where you are. 

Perhaps something can turn the tide just for a moment of peace. Maybe an hour of sleep that never seems to come. Perhaps a song. Healing they say takes time and often it never happens. Is there anything to fight for any longer? Can you simply be content to sit by and watch things come closing in? Can that somehow give comfort? There are no real answers.

It’s all I have to give right now.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter


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  1. You read about how my life has gone, all true by the way, but, when I look for the good stuff, they are there, like gold! not the gold itself, but how hard it is to find, Trenna. In Johannesburg where I live, there is a gold-mine, 3 miles deep, yes it’s the deepest mine in the world and every day people go down there to find gold. When they find it, and it arrives on the surface, it’s nothing like the gleaming metal the panners found in the Klondike, nope, the mineral, Conglomerate,(grey ore) has to be crushed toa fine powder and washed in Cyanide poison and it needs to undergo this process, seven times then melted to high temperatures before you get a bit of pure-gold. Life, for most of us, is something like that. It’s not fair, but it’s all we have. Bless you, my friend, for caring so very much.

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