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Continuing with the Crazy Alphabet Challenge (with a twist): the letter B: "Blaireau"

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Slowly catching up with the crazy Alphabet Challenge with my presentation of the letter “B” with the French (Canadian variant) word “Blaireau”. A “Blaireau” in English is a “badger”.

The word “Blaireau” is possibly related to the old French word “blaire” meaning “tâché” or any animal that has a white mark on its forehead. The term “Blaireau” can also be brought closer to the Gallic (Gaulois) term “blaros” and the Welsh term “Blawr” (a pale grey horse). The term can also be linked to the Dutch term “Blaar” meaning a “white star on the forehead”.

The “Blaireau” is actually a common French name for a variety of mammals belonging to the family of the “Mustalidae” Thus the term “Blaireau” is not a real scientific term of even a classification of a certain species. Since it is a vernacular name which is ambiguous in biology because it means several different distinct species between the eurasian and american badgers, the term “Blaireau” being used by the French speaking people usually refers to the European badger.

The badger or “blaireau” are mammals who are omnivore, are rather massive of body but with short legs and an elongated nose. Most of them have band of white along their forehead that can sometimes go along the whole of their backs.

The pronunciation of the French word “Blaireau” can be divided in two parts. The first part “Blai” can be pronounced just like “blair” but without too much inflection on the “r”. The second part is simple as “row” with no inflection on the “w”.

Well, enjoy your pronunciation or vocalization of this French word. Hope you enjoyed it. See you soon with the letter C.


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