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Color Crazy ~ Purple ~ My Columbine Flower opened!

I posted a picture of a Columbine flower bud on Monday. I thought it would open in a few days, so I took pictures of it each day. One thing I didn’t mention was that it rained all week long we got 4 inches of rain in a day at the beach, just on the last day. Our closest mountain. Palomar Mountain received 19 inches of snow. Big Bear Mountain, the next closest got 24 inches of snow, while Mammoth got around 45 inches. 

Anyway, since it rained all week this flower took its time. Yesterday, the storm cleared and we saw a mostly sunny day, and it opened. Here is the progression, followed by what the freeway looked like near me. I often take pictures of that nice waterfall and tiny creek by the house. It flooded and went into the freeway. 

#4 More buds popped up.

The biggest one, stayed the same for three days. 

#5 It opened!

Wolf fur is everywhere in the spring. Time to loose that winter coat. Notice the fur? 

#10 This is the freeway.

No heading east or west. They had to close the freeway. I used the other picture heading east as the cover. 

    • I live close enough to the freeway to hear the traffic, but cannot see the freeway. I heard all these sirens, thinking to myself. I’s a lock down how could a pile up happen now? Well, later when I came back inside I went of fb and notice the local pd had shared these. The title was, “In case you need more reasons to stay at home..”


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    • He was born with a great work ethic it seems. I’ll do even better, I am going to show him this post. He calls you all my imaginary friends, he is anti social media. lol. Happy flowers and a happy easter. Hope yours was enjoyable and peaceful as well.

    • He works as head of loss control for Walmart. Do you know what hes doing now? All the loss control people, since only so many can be in a store at any certain time, they now have one person manning the cameras, one person on the floor, and they all take turns people counting. They stand at the door clicking, counting..When the store reaches it’s limit of people, they form a line to wait. The store manager came by to check on him yesterday as it was his day to count people. The manager walks up, Jace yawns real big. Manager asks, “didn’t get enough sleep last night?” He replied, I got plenty of sleep, but this is literally like counting sheep.

        • I hope it is enough, as you know Elenka you have to go out as well. He of course wears, gloves. (luckily his is not allergic to them like you are) He also wears a mask, goes into the garage when he gets home, leaves his shoes in there and sprays them with disinfectant. Strips down and changes into a bath rob. Takes his clothes and puts them in the washer, then heads to the shower. He is trying, we also have my 97 yr old mom here. Thank you.

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